Safe Kitesurfing Lessons For Kids

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Has your child shown an interest in learning to kitesurf? Infinity Sport Kitesurfing provide safe kitesurfing lessons for kids in Kent, UK.

Kitesurfing Lessons For Kids

“Teaching Grace was fantastic! Her motivation & parents support made her progression ultra fast! Kite flying to body dragging in no time. Grace already started her Ticktok feed dedicated to future kite kids. Pawel always puts his full heart in kids teaching & enjoy the time like the best boosting session. His experience & patience make kids ride and love the sport quick. If you are looking for something new, for break from screen or boredom for your kids, this is the place! Infinity Sport will take care of your child passion invention. Book the lesson & have a very happy child on board.”

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing Team

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