Kite Foil

Kite foiling, also known as kite hydrofoil or kiteboarding hydrofoil, is an advanced and exhilarating water sport that involves riding a kiteboard equipped with a hydrofoil assembly. The hydrofoil consists of a mast and a wing-like structure beneath the board that lifts the board out of the water as it gains speed. This design allows the rider to glide smoothly above the water’s surface, reducing drag and providing a unique sensation of flying.

Kite foiling is for anyone who can kitesurf to an intermediate level. Its safe, straightforward to learn just get the sensation of float silently on the ocean balsting in super light winds.

Kite foiling learning schedule is made of:

Level 1 -First Rides Kite Foil Beginner

– Hydrofoil how does it work,setup, carrying it
– Bodydragging
– Water starts
– Riding off the foil
– Riding Rise and Glide
– Riding downwind off the foil

Level 2 – Sustainable Foiling – Kite Master Class

Off the foil- means riding the board in displacement mode with the mast submerged and the board on the waters surface.
– Riding upwind
– Riding downwind
– Gybes carves, toeside, foot change

Foiling – is where the board is “flying” above the water and the wings are providing the lift and momentum to propel the rider along without the board touching the water.
– Riding upwind
– Riding downwind
– Gybes carves, toeside, foot change

How long does it take to learn kite foil?
Given your kitesurfing background, it’s possible that you could achieve a level of basic kite foiling proficiency within a few weeks of consistent practice. We say usually it takes about 6 to 12 hours of lessons before you will be ready to go independently. However, reaching a high level of mastery and comfort in various foiling maneuvers could take longer time depending on your dedication and the frequency of your sessions.

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