Group coaching is for those who wants to get confident with new kitesurfing trick.

3 Packages
Kitesurfing group beginner lesson

Kitesurfing Group Beginner Lesson

The lesson is made of 4 hours and filled with:

  • trainer kite flying on land 2 hrs
  • LEI kite flying and body dragging in the sea 2 hours

The group is made of four participants at the same level and will progress further together.

£ 99.99Weekend
Group Coaching All Riders

Group Coaching All Riders

2 hours water based supervision by Infinity Senior Coach

Six participants only.

We will do our best to pair you up with a kitesurfer at similar riding level, so you can watch out one for another.

What you can learn?

  • Prolonged upwind ride
  • Toeside
  • First basic jump
  • How to pop
£ 70All Week
Girls Kite Together Club is female community based in Graestone on Sea

Girls Kite Together Kitesurfing Coaching


£ 75All Week
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