Group coaching is the affordable way to learn kitesurfing or level up your kite skills. Sign up today to relevant class to save money!

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Team Learning, Team Progress

Our teaching philosophy emphasises kitesurfing group lessons. We believe this approach offers a unique blend of peer encouragement and shared discoveries. Regardless of their initial skill level, each participant is guaranteed to find comfort and challenge equally. Our courses are designed to provide individuals with diverse perspectives and techniques, making it easier for them to learn new strategies and overcome obstacles. This collaborative environment not only fosters rapid skill acquisition but also instils a deeper appreciation for the sport.

Group settings naturally facilitate a vibrant exchange of experiences and stories, enriching the learning process. Participants frequently make lasting connections with their fellow learners, bonds that often extend beyond the beach. This feeling of camaraderie is priceless and contributes significantly to the overall enjoyment and satisfaction derived from practising the sport. Our instructors are skilled at creating a welcoming, inclusive environment where every student feels appreciated and supported.

The Club Experience

Joining a kitesurfing club offers an immersive experience transcending the average learning path. Being part of a thriving community that shares your passion is as important as acquiring new skills. Our club welcomes members from all backgrounds, providing a rich tapestry of experiences and knowledge to draw from. Whether you’re learning to kitesurf in the UK for the first time or seeking to refine your techniques, the club environment offers many opportunities for growth and enjoyment.

The Group Advantage

Group kite surfing lessons are tailored to maximise learning outcomes by leveraging the dynamics of group interaction. Our approach is structured yet flexible, allowing instructors to adapt to each group’s unique needs and learning styles. This personalised attention, combined with the supportive group environment, creates an optimal setting for mastering kitesurfing. Participants often remark on the motivational boost they receive from learning alongside others, significantly enhancing their progress and confidence.

Learning Together, Growing Together

Choosing group kitesurfing lessons is an excellent way to learn or improve your skills in an encouraging and cost-effective environment. Our group lessons are more than just instructions on basic or advanced techniques. They are about creating a community of learners who inspire and support each other through their learning journey. Our group lessons cater to all kinds of aspirations, from beginners eager to catch their first wave to seasoned surfers looking to perfect their jumps.

4 Packages
Kitesurfing group beginner lesson

Kitesurfing Group Beginner Lesson

The lesson is made of 4 hours and filled with:

  • trainer kite flying on land 2 hrs
  • LEI kite flying and body dragging in the sea 2 hours

The group is made of four participants at the same level and will progress further together.

£ 99.99Weekend
Group Coaching All Riders

Group Coaching All Riders

2 hours water based supervision by Infinity Senior Coach

Six participants only.

We will do our best to pair you up with a kitesurfer at similar riding level, so you can watch out one for another.

What you can learn?

  • Prolonged upwind ride
  • Toeside
  • First basic jump
  • How to pop
£ 70All Week
Girls Kite Together Club is female community based in Graestone on Sea

Girls Kite Together Kitesurfing Coaching


£ 75All Week
BKSA Kite Instructor Course


Imagine this: you’ll be following the sun, taking your job with you wherever your heart leads. Now is the perfect moment to transform your life and pursue your dreams!

Embrace the opportunity to become a Kitesurfing Instructor through our BKSA ITC Level 1 course. This incredible program is tailored to empower you to translate your kitesurfing passion into a rewarding profession. Not only will you refine your kitesurfing prowess, but you’ll also develop the skills to inspire others.

Full Course£5505 days
Revalidation£2502 days
Conversion£2502 days
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