Shoebury East Beach, Essex

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East Beach is a very popular spot and one of the best places to learn kitesurfing. It offers shallow, calm water and good cross winds. As the tide goes out the water level drops significantly allowing surfers to stand up for 1 mile. At low tide a number of lagoons form between the sandbars which generally provide flat water in all wind conditions. That means this is a great spot for beginners, and for practicing freestyle/wakestyle tricks.

East Beach will work on anything from NE all the way around to a SW. It is best not to ride for 90 minutes either side of high tide. There is a large grass area for launching and landing in the designated kite area between the boom and the slipway. Important information when Kitesurfing in the Southend area – You MUST have 3rd party Insurance.

Don’t forget to visit the local Essex Kitesurf School!

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