Infinity Sport Kitesurfing

“We Share Passion With You”

Here at Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School we have made it our mission to not only be a kitesurfing school but also a community. Our schools ethos is built on strong family values and we are run by certified BKSA Instructors Pawel & Sylwia, who have both made it their life’s mission to bring kitesurfing to everyone. They have taught all different levels of kitesurfing for many years around the world. But they have found their kitesurfing home here on the South Coast on the UK. Here at Infinity kitesurfing is our passion and our way of life and we bring this enthusiasm onto the beach and inti the sea for all our students.

We believe in giving our students the whole package. Kitesurfing starts with the lessons but it doesn’t end there. The community you will become apart of will last you a lifetime. Therefore, we are focused on bringing that community to you, this includes clubs, kitesurfing holidays and events.

Infinity Sports Kitesurfing School has been carefully nurtured to be inclusive to everyone. For what really matters to us is your smile after you have come back from the ocean.

About Sylwia

“The ocean is her dance floor”

If you see her on the ocean you will hear her cheering you on and spreading the kitesurfing joy. On land you will find her bringing enthusiasm and energy to all our students and community.

Sylwia proves everyday that kitesurfing is for everyone no matter your gender or your body limitations. She is the founder of “Girls Kite Together”, a female community that unites women from all over the UK and beyond. If that wasn’t enough she is also the president of the Greatstone Kite & Foil Club.

All her community endeavours allow her to bring a bespoke teaching style that gives her students the full experience of theory, practice & community spirit.

Qualifications Include:
  • BKSA Senior Kitesurfing Instructor
  • British Canoeing Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor

About Pawel

"Pawel teaching with patience and passion"

Eat, Sleep, Kite, Repeat! That’s Pawel’s rhythm, the rhythm of true passion for all things kitesurfing. New trick? No problem! Pawel has the patients and the drive to ace it.

He brings his patience and passion to all his lessons. With his smile and vast knowledge of the sport it is no wonder that all his students start matching his smile with their own no matter their age or ability.

Qualifications Include:
  • BKSA Senior Kitesurfing Instructor
  • Kite Foil Instructor

About Jeremiasz

"Jeremiasz - free between water and sky"

Our super talented resident Eleveight UK and ION UK Team Rider. He is the face of Greatstone.

Big air to freestyle he can do it all. You will always find him on the water mastering his next trick and reaching for the sky. If you need tips for your tricks find Jeremiasz, our instructor assistant to help you out.

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