How we learn

Kitesurfing is the ultimate thrill ride of the ocean! Imagine being propelled across the water by the power of the kite, slicing thought the waves like superhero.
With a kite in hand and surfboard underfoot, you will be dancing with the wind and riding the waves in style. It`s heart – pumping, adrenaline – fuelled experience that will leave you feeling like on top of the world!

The best way to learn is by taking lessons from a certified school.

This will ensure you learn proper techniques, safety measures, adequate theory.
By taking lessons with a certified school you are assured to start your adventure in suitable conditions, such as light wind and shallow water to gradually progress and improve.

Girls Kite Together

Our kitesurfing community
powered by women

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School is operated by certified BKSA Instructors Pawel & Sylwia, teaching different levels of kitesurfing for many years in United Kingdom and abroad. Kitesurfing is our passion and we will always give our energy and enthusiasm into every lesson to make sure our students fall in love with the sport too.

We are strongly focused on expanding the kitesurfing community by providing lessons, clubs and kitesurfing holidays . It is our mission to bring people together to the beach and share positive kitesurfing vibes.

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School is the place designed for absolutely everyone, regardless the age, profession or a place of living! What really matters is to be with us, be happy and support each other.

Got enquiries?

No wind? Why not call our 24/7 helpline if you wish to chat all things kitesurfing. Examples of topics we are more than happy to discuss include; how to read weather charts, tide charts or ask us any kite related questions you may have.

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