Greatstone Beach Is the Place to Learn Kitesurf, Wingboard and More

Greatstone Beach Kitesurfing

Here at Infinity we share our passion for kitesurfing with hundreds of students every season. The Infinity Community is a strong and supportive team made up of both female and male kitesurfers, we would love for you to join us this season! Our promise to you is: You will love to kitesurf! Infinity Sport Kitesurfing …

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What Is Kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing lessons at Greatstone

Many people often ask me what actually this kitesurfing is? Kitesurfing is a water sport that involves riding a small surfboard or a kiteboard, while being pulled by a large kite. The kite is controlled by a bar that the kitesurfer holds in their hands, and is used to generate power and to steer the …

What Is Kitesurfing? Read More »


Kitesurfing for everyone

Read a couple of sad real stories recently.  Kitesurfers sponsored by equipment manufacturers to promote a particular brand. These individuals push themselves to the limit and beyond their natural physical limitations and experience duress or psychological pressure to outperform kitesurfers from a rival brand. The reward being prize money, free equipment and travel. The brand …


Why the superior Eleveight RS+ is so special?

Eleveight RS+

Sylwia says : no more elbow problems! Since I ride the Eleveight RS+ the kitesurfer elbow never appeared again. Light bar pressure, fast turnings, easy power production this is what I love about the kite! Lukasz says: if you want to learn kiteloops then go for it! The best and reliable kite on the market.

What You Should Consider When Purchasing A New Wetsuit

Wetsuits are the perfect piece of kit needed for a wide range of watersports. You don’t need to be a professional to buy a wetsuit and experience the benefits, whether you’re wanting to surfing, kitesurfing, go scuba diving, take part in a triathlon or just to take part in general watersports there are simply an endless amount of aquatic based reasons for needing a good quality wetsuit.

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