Kitesurfing is the ultimate thrill ride of the ocean! Imagine being propelled across the water by the power of the kite, slicing thought the waves like superhero.
With a kite in hand and surfboard underfoot, you will be dancing with the wind and riding the waves in style. It`s heart – pumping, adrenaline – fuelled experience that will leave you feeling like on top of the world!

What`s the best way to learn kitesurfing?

The best way to learn is by taking lessons from a certified school. This will ensure you learn proper techniques, safety measures, adequate theory.
By taking lessons with a certified school you are assured to start your adventure in suitable conditions, such as light wind and shallow water to gradually progress and improve.

6 Packages

Day One Beginner

2 hours land based lesson

  • Basic kite handling
  • Rigging launching and basic flying
  • Power generatings Lesson Land
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Day Two Water Adventure

2 hours water based lesson

  • Directional bodydragging
  • Kite control
  • Self rescue
  • Introduction to board start

Day Three Ride On

2 hours water based lesson

  • Learning board start techniques
  • First rides
  • Downwind rides with prolonged power delivery
  • Independent kiteboarding – riding with others

Private Tuition

The best way to learn

  • 1 2 1 basis
  • Technique improvement
  • Fast progression
  • Independednt riding – riding with others

Strapless Beginner

What will you learn

  • Board start techniques
  • Feet position while riding
  • Downwind rides
  • Upwind rides

Gift Card Kitesurfing

Gift card kitesurfing is perfect way to start kitesurfing adventure at Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School.

The card is valid in the school or the shop until December 2024.

£5 - 200
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