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This is where we teach! It is the best and beginner friendly spot in South East England! Greatstone beach near New Romney in Kent offers a huge beach with a well established kitesurfing scene. The beach is shallow in shore, which means at low tide you’re looking at a walk to reach the water (around 1/2 a mile).

It offers large area for kitesurfing, featuring small chop and flat-water riding near the shore, and on a rising / falling tide. The swell is strongest at high tide. Greatstone Beach works on NNE around to SE and will work at all tide states. this spot has a bit of everything: Flat water and some waves. Something for everyone.The beach is suitable for beginners because of its shallow nature. The beach is part of Dungeness Nature Reserve so please consider the wildlife and follow the guidelines.

Shingle vegetation takes many years to establish, so please stick to the boardwalks and footpaths so you don’t damage the really tiny rare plants under your feet. Be kind to your neighbours. Please use designated car parking spaces and the facilities provided to save any upset to other kite surfers and local residents. Enjoy the National Nature Reserve. It may only look like a bit of shingle, but it is fantastic for wildlife, so please treat it kindly, and take your litter home.

Watch out for your kite! Setting up your kite is tricky, so make sure you do it somewhere well away from other people and on bare shingle/sand, so you don’t disturb others visitors and wildlife.



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