Pett Level Beach

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Pett Level is a small, peaceful seaside village, and is situated on the coast between Rye and Hastings. The beach is a mix of shingle and sand and is located in Nature Reserve. It is a truly spectacular place with a turquoise water and cliffs.

A sunken forest that can be seen in the sand at low tide is thought to be at least 6,000 years old – and a relic of a time when sea levels were about 100ft (30m) lower than today. Its spongy tree roots and branches emerge from beneath when the tide goes out. It offers large area for kitesurfing, featuring small chop and flat water riding near the shore. Suitable wind directions are S, SE, SW. At low tide it offers flat lagoons ideal for all levels and riding styles with the waves further in the sea. Best not to kite 2.5 hours each side of the high tide due to groins.

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