Girls Kite Together Club brings together kitesisters from all round the country. Our club is more than just kiting together, we are a real community on and off the water. Girls Kite Together benefit from very active group chat, where we talk about next session, gear, camps & holidays plus many more female focused subjects. Girls Kite Together Club takes place every two weeks at Greatstone Beach on low tide.  Participants benefit from three hours of group coaching from Infinity Sport Kitesurfing to improve their riding style and more!

Join GKT club today and network with other lady shredders from around the country. Contact us to be added to our WhatsApp group.

Minimum skills requirement : confident downwind ride. Own equipment required.

Explore the community on social media here > #GIRLSKITETOGETHER

GKT Club is also proudly affiliated with She Flies, another group that celebrates the uniqueness of awesome females. 

GKT Club Pics & Video

See the Girls Kite Together Club in action here.

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