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Girls Kite Together Club brings together kitesisters from all round the country. The club is more than kiting together. We are real community on and off the water. Girls Kite Together benefit from very active chat group too, where we talk about next session, gear, camps & holidays plus many more female focused subjects.

Girls Kite Together Club takes place every two weeks at low tide.  Participants benefit from three hours of group coaching to improve their riding style and more! Come to meet many awesome lady shredders and build both your kiteboarding and become part of the Sheflies team. Head over to below videos to feel the girl vibes.

“Bringing women together, with a common passion. RESPECT”

Sarah D – GKT

Hear from Sarah below, about her experience with the GKT crew and a trip to Kenya.

Feeling blessed to have finally reached Kenya after travel restrictions eased and having covid. To travel roughly 5000 miles and meet up with one of the ladies from the UK group ‘GKT’. Karen texted to say she would be out in Kenya at the same time. When i got down to the beach i could see Karen shredding down the bay. I knew it was her as she had described her kite and was wearing a baseball cap. We hit it off and hung out together. A day trip was arranged plus Karen traveled up the coast to hang out with my husband and I at the lovely Che Shale Hang Lodge (where the world stands still). We even had valentines together. My husband couldn’t believe his luck 😆

Thank you Girls Kite Together group. Meeting Karen felt natural like we had known each other for a long time.

Bringing women together, with a common passion. RESPECT

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