A Greatstone Love Story

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All I wanted for my birthday was to kitesurf. Since I moved to the UK, already as an independent rider, I have struggled to get back into the sport with my tropical blood and the UK weather conditions. With only a few summer sessions per year I
was missing it.

It was April of 2021, hotels couldn’t receive any visitors for non-work reasons due to the COVID
restrictions and it was my birthday. I told my boyfriend, “I’m going to take the day off from work, I don’t want the usual birthday cake with friends that I won’t remember; I want something I’m truly going to remember and enjoy; all I want is kitesurfing for my birthday. It is not very warm in April but I thought I would give it a try!” He said, “let’s do it! I’ll go with you and I’m sure it will be great and you will always remember it.”

So we had a 5AM start, and caught the early train to Rye. I didn’t want to take my equipment and have to carry everything down with me, after all it was my birthday. So I treated myself and booked a lesson. My boyfriend, Sergio, was happy he didn’t have to carry the weight! But instead he took his camera to take pictures while I was on the water.
It was an amazing day, cold but sunny and the wind was blowing onshore at Greatstone. I hadn’t kited in these conditions before and I felt truly blessed ! Plus Sergio was taking pictures for my record! I didn’t have booties so after 1h 30 min and feeling like my toes couldn’t take it any longer I went out of the water. I had a huge smile across my face, I was completely satisfied and happy. The perfect birthday.

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    As I came out the sea Sergio was waiting for me at the waters edge, half frozen! He had walked a
    long distance, at least 2km to take pictures as close as he could as he didn’t have a great tele lense for sports. We started walking through the sand, there was a layer of shallow water that was nice and warm and the landscape was gorgeous. Just as I was thinking to myself how cold I was Sergio said, “after you get change let’s go for a walk, this is beautiful.” I thought, OH! That’s very romantic but I’m freezing… but the beauty of Greastone won me other and I said, “sure let’s do it”, completely oblivious of what was to come. We didn’t get very far from the car park before he decided it was too cold, so with the sun shining and the wind blowing he stops, reaches into his jacket and takes out a ring and proposes right there on Greatstone beach.
    Tears were shed and without hesitation it was a big yes ! “Of course I’ll marry you.” No doubts that he was the one for me! I was overwhelmed with happiness! I quickly got changed, and we went back to Rye for hot chocolate, some food and then finally caught the train back to London.
    It was a truly special day! Greatstone will always be a place very close to our hearts. It not only gave me a great birthday with wind and sunshine, but a lifetime memory with my now husband.

    A Greatstone love story
    Adriana, Girls Kite Together

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