Why Do Girls Teach Girls?

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People asked me several times why girls prefer female kite instructors. I have met girls who have taken their lessons with men and then decided to take another lesson year later with female instructors. Why so?

There are two factors why women choose women as kite instructors:

The Brain.

Let me share a simple example of my son and his bicycle. Max got his first bicycle (without paddles) for his second birthday. He was greedy to get on the bike and ride. It took him a few hours to figure it out. He fell, drove thru paddles, and went nuts until he felt confident. He learned by doing. On the other hand, my niece spent a few days looking at her new bicycle until it felt familiar. Later, we talk her thru the process of riding. She made sure we would be around to hold her and catch her. A man’s learning process is vastly different from a woman. We love to talk about things more than men. Men, on the contrary, learn by doing, touching, and feeling. Men love to figure things out by themselves. That is why women would read manuals and men not. That is why women feel left behind by an instructor who gives us a trainee kite after showing us how to for 3 minutes.

  • Woman: “Wait, what? Nono…tell me more!”…while having the kite still on 12′ clock.
  • Man: “Thanks, man!”…whoop, bang, kite down…

The result is the same. We all will figure it out at the same time, but the process, and the level of confidence, are different.

The Ego

The ego is secondary but plays a role in learning. You may know what I mean:

  • Asking silly questions (there are no such questions, but it may feel like it at the time)
  • Learning a new sport – falling and making mistakes, being told the same thing over and over
  • Vulnerable moments like losing the bikini while body drag or having my face burned by the sun from the previous lesson

For most girls can be intimidating to share such vulnerable moments with guys. Sharing the same moments with girls can be even fun.

How about you? Would you feel more confident with a female instructor? Or you don’t mind unless it is a good one? The choice is yours. The good news is that there are more and more great female kite instructors.

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