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Kitesurfing Lessons London. Live in London and wondering where to take your Kitesurfing lessons? Come over to Greatstone Beach, Kent and take a lesson today. There are many perfect places to learn to kitesurf very near to London. Let’s take a look

There are different factors to bear in mind when searching for a place to learn to kitesurf near London or if you are looking for kitesurfing lessons or courses close to London.  You are not just kitesurfing but most likely hoping to take advantage of the other facilities in the area. You will want to visit somewhere that is near, has good transport connections, enjoys good stable, reliable wind and is a safe easy beach to kite from.

Greatstone Beach

Greatstone Beach is one of the most kitesurfer friendly beaches in the whole of the UK.  Located just 1 hour from London, this massive bay in Greatstone-on-Sea stretches across over 10 miles and is the only kite spot in South East England that works well for kitesurfing on North East wind direction. Greatstone Beach’s open clean shingle beach provides a safe environment for learning to kitesurf for the first time as well as providing a great place to practice new tricks. A lot of our regular kitesurfers at the beach travel down from London. It is a fantastic location to carry out kitesurfing lessons for kids. In our Greatstone Beach Kitesurfing Guide, you’ll find some of the things which make Greatstone Beach an amazing place to go kitesurfing, learn to kitesurf with Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School, as well as how to plan your visit to the UK’s safest kitesurfing beach.

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing Beach Guide

Greatstone sits on the Kent coast, a few miles from the border with East Sussex. The fantastic winds at Greatstone make it hugely popular with kitesurfers, who are equally drawn to its miles of flat, sandy beaches. Its unique position also makes it one of the few spots on the south coast where kitesurfing is possible in northeasterly winds – truly a hidden gem on the Kent coast!

A 30-minute taxi ride away, Ashford International is itself a half hour train ride from St Pancras International. Alternatively, Greatstone is around a 2.5 hour drive from London.

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    How to get to Greatstone Beach for kitesurfing lessons near London.

    Shoebury East BEach

    East Beach is a very popular spot and one of the best places to learn kitesurfing for people who live in London. It offers shallow, calm water and good cross winds. As the tide goes out the water level drops significantly allowing surfers to stand up for 1 mile.

    At low tide a number of lagoons form between the sandbars which generally provide flat water in all wind conditions. That means this is a great spot for beginners, and for practicing freestyle/wakestyle tricks.

    East Beach will work on anything from NE all the way around to a SW. It is best not to ride for 90 minutes either side of high tide. There is a large grass area for launching and landing in the designated kite area between the boom and the slipway. Important information when Kitesurfing in the Southend area – You MUST have 3rd party Insurance.

    Pett Level BEach

    Pett Level is a small, peaceful seaside village, and is situated on the coast between Rye and Hastings, a short journey from London. The beach is a mix of shingle and sand and is located in Nature Reserve. It is a truly spectacular place with a turquoise water and cliffs. A sunken forest that can be seen in the sand at low tide is thought to be at least 6,000 years old – and a relic of a time when sea levels were about 100ft (30m) lower than today. Its spongy tree roots and branches emerge from beneath when the tide goes out.

    It offers large area for kitesurfing, featuring small chop and flat water riding near the shore. Suitable wind directions are S, SE, SW. At low tide it offers flat lagoons ideal for all levels and riding styles with the waves further in the sea. Best not to kite 2.5 hours each side of the high tide due to groins.

    Why should you take kitesurfing lessons if you live in London

    Kitesurfing and other kite sports are good for your body and mind. The physical aspects can help you keep fit and healthy, whilst the environment makes you learn space awareness, appreciation and respect for the sea and weather. Learning to kitesurf is easily within reach if you live in London and want a way to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors and spectacular coastlines close to London.

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