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BKSA Senior Instructor

He kites even when he sleeps. Yeah, that’s a true symptom of pure passion for kitesurfing. New trick, no problem! Try to challenge him! Crazy in the air, yet so patient when teaching (or shall I say when sharing the passion!). A vast experience allows Pawel to teach students of every age.


BKSA Senior Instructor

Sea is her dance floor. She connects with the waves to find finesse in kiting. Always enthusiastic and full of energy, a proud kite girl who spread the love to kiting. Sylwia proves that even with her body limitations extreme sport is possible! Her second name is “People”. Sylwia is a founder of “Girls Kite Together”, a female community which unites women from all over the UK.Her bespoke teaching enables a really engaging experience with exactly the right balance of theory and practice.



Hey my name is Jeremiasz Kuczma.
I was born to kite. From the age of 8 I have been in the kite game.
Having a kite spot at my doorstep I am able to kite every windy day and practice different kite disciplines. My current goal is to get into freestyle, however big air is in my blood.
Since 2021 I am strongly connected with Eleveight Kites, proudly riding for the brand around the world.
Kitesurfing is everything to me, but I do like rugby, football, off road cycling and onewheeling.
I am super grateful for the life I have! Kitesurfing opens so many new doors for me! Being student at World Class Kiteboarding Academy, training with Above the Water and having the best support from my parents and Marco!


REEDIN Team Rider

Born and raised on the south cost of Brazil,  where I fell in love with surfing at a very young age. My dad would take me to the beach at the age of 14 where I learned to surf on my own and discovered a big love for the ocean and all board sports.
3 years ago I used the same determination to teach myself kiteboarding and very quicly progressed to strapless kitesurfing which is where my real passion resides. Now living on the kent coast of England, I get to take advantage of the amazing conditions for kitesurfing strapless at my main spots Greatstone and Camber Sands.
GREATSTONE being where I first discovered kitesurfing whilst going for a long run during the 1st lockdown and also where I was embraced by an amazing group of powerfull kitesurfing women, the ”GIRLS KITE TOGETHER” club.


REEDIN Team Rider

Hey, I’m Lilly and I’m beyond excited and grateful to be joining the Reedin team with Infinity sports!
I have been teaching Yoga for 12 years around the world alongside running League Collective, a sustainable women’s sportswear brand. Life has always been active – sailing and competing from a young age in Lasers and completing Barca and London Marathon in just under 1 month.
When Covid hit I sadly lost my sportswear brand and my passion shifted to a very different way of life…
I first properly learned to Kite during January Lockdown 2021 whilst stuck in Zanzibar where I fell in love with the sport. After failing to get home for 3 months and ending up in Egypt I spent every day I could on the water, learning and improving. As soon as the boarders opened to Spain (June) I flew straight to Tarifa and completed my IKO training to become a kitesurfing instructor and better my knowledge and safety of the sport. Since then it has been an ongoing love affair of chasing the wind teaching, kiting, learning and improving back rolls, front rolls, kite loops, with lots of crashing in the process. The kite community and people who do this sport is so inspiring and I can’t wait to share my own passion for it with more people with the help of Reedin kites. It is such an honour to be using the new Supermodel HTF, and whilst kiting in Egypt last week I saw my own riding improve ten-fold.



Alex Dakin
Eleveight Team Rider

Kitesurfing. My first Watersport, My first time flying a kite, and my first time on a board. Learning to Kitesurf has been a whole lot of first time experiences.

I started learning properly 3 years ago and it was been a journey like no other. It was not easy, I was told “that kitesurfing is not my thing” & I nearly gave up. But then I found my kitesurfing family here at Greatstone and the Girls Kite Together community picked me up and I kept going. And to this day I have not stopped. Through shoulder surgery & recovery they have been by my side and have helped me grow into the kitesurfer I am today.

Now you will find me on the beach running into the sea no matter the conditions: light wind, strong wind… I’ll be there jumping and rolling around with a big smile on my face. Because I didn’t give up and kitesurfing has become the biggest love of my life. I am so excited to start my kitesurfing adventure with Eleveight as a team rider, to reach for the sky and show that kitesurfing really is for everyone. My passion is to share this love for kitesurfing with as many women as possible because men have had this sport for too long, it is us women’s turn now.

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