ION Rave 2024


Wing Foil harness – Molded EVA shell, water-resistant, EVA padding, lightweight, movable hook, leash attachment.

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Introducing the ION Rave 2024, the harness revolutionizing the Wing Foil game with its innovative design and unbeatable comfort.

It boasts a fully molded EVA shell that repels water, ensuring no absorption during your sessions.

Feel the difference with the EVA padding, providing ultimate comfort throughout your sessions. Its lightweight construction, weighing only 700gr, guarantees maximum freedom of movement without compromising on support. With a movable hook, paddling out becomes effortless, allowing seamless transitions into switch stance, while relieving forearm strain for longer sessions.

Experience unparalleled convenience by attaching your leash directly to the harness, enhancing your riding experience. Slide the hook aside when paddling, ensuring optimal maneuverability and comfort.

ION Rave – Specifications:

  • Fully molded EVA shell for water-resistant experience.
  • EVA padding for ultimate comfort during sessions.
  • Lightweight construction weighing only 700g for maximum freedom of movement.
  • Movable hook for effortless paddling and seamless transitions.
  • Leash attachment directly to harness for enhanced riding experience.

Materials: 25% Neoprene, 5% Ethylenvinylacetate, 10% Polyester, 40% Nylon, 20% Polyvinylchloride.

Elevate your Wing Foil adventures with the ION Rave 2024, available at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized ION dealer.

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