Lieuwe Kiteboard Handle 1800MM


For improved carrying and handling both on the beach and in the water. 

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Introducing the Lieuwe Kiteboard Handle 1800mm, crafted for unparalleled comfort whilst walking on the beach on your way to enter the water for an amazing kitesurfing session in wild weather conditions.

The sleek black design, constructed with high-quality EVO foam, ensures durability and style.

Having a handle on your board facilitates various tasks, such as:

  • Handling and carrying your board at the beach.
  • Body dragging to pass the shore break.
  • Putting the board on your feet.

Embrace the convenience of a Handle on your Kiteboard without hesitation.

The Lieuwe Kiteboard Handle 1800mm is available now at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized Lieuwe Boards dealer!


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