How Long Does It Take To Learn To Kitesurf?

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You might be wondering how long it takes to learn to kitesurf. So how long does it take to learn to kitesurf really? With riding upwind as a goal, it should take you between 15 and 20 hours to learn to kitesurf, including instructor training.  Actual learning time will depend on your learning skills, fitness level, wind and water conditions, the frequency of your sessions, and the quality of your instruction.

So basically, if you really set your mind to it and have access to the right conditions and instructor, what they say is true: you can really learn to kiteboard in a few days.

What Will I Learn?

A standard beginner’s course is broken down into three core elements:

1. Flying a kite on land: launching, landing and kite control

2. Flying a kite in the water: body dragging, control and re-launching

3. Getting up and riding on a board

Within these elements, you will also learn about:

• assessing an area for safe kiting conditions

• understanding the wind direction, strength and gusts

• understanding tides, currents and hazards

• choosing the right equipment for the conditions

• setting-up, tuning and packing down your equipment

• safety procedures and what to do in an emergency

• board-starts (getting up on the board)

• continuous riding and speed control

• how to stay upwind

• rules and rights of way on the water

Top Tips To Learn Kiteboarding Faster

Inifinity Sport Kitesurfing’s top tips to learn to kitesurf faster.

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    Lessons Are Only The Beginning

    After lessons, it then takes additional time to progress on to higher levels in the sport. For starters, you can begin to learn freestyle tricks such as jumps and grabs in your first full season (a season being 3-4 months of good wind conditions).

    Learning to ride a directional surfboard for wave riding can also happen relatively quickly after learning to ride a twin tip. Surfing in smaller waves (< 1-meter height) is then within reach however going out in bigger conditions (2+ meters) can take two or more seasons to build up to, especially if you are riding strapless. Learning to hydrofoil gets easier and easier due to improvement in the gear, but it usually takes one to two seasons of dedicated learning for water starting and basic riding. To get to more advanced maneuvers like jibes and foot switches, it might take two to three additional seasons-worth of practice.


    Regardless of how long it takes you to learn, don’t expect to be done with kiteboarding in one day. For the vast majority of students, it will take many hours of lessons to learn the basics of the sport. Schools often teach lessons in two to three-hour blocks. Learning to kitesurf might take between 6 to 12 hours of lessons – but take this with a grain of salt. It often takes more than 12 hours and it rarely takes less than 6. But don’t let this discourage you! After all, no one is born with the ability to fly a kite. And keep in mind that every single kiteboarder has to go through this sometimes challenging, yet highly rewarding learning process.

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