WOO 4.0


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WOO 4.0 is the latest version of the WOO device introduces a rugged protective casing that safeguards an advanced processor and an exceptionally precise sensor.

WOO 4.0 with features like wireless charging, a battery life surpassing 24 hours, upgraded Bluetooth, and numerous substantial enhancements. Now you can fully immerse yourself in your kiteboarding adventure while the WOO diligently records every take-off, jump, and landing.

Developed over a decade, WOO 4.0 has assimilated invaluable insights from a global community consistently pushing the boundaries of kiteboarding. While its fundamental purpose of effortlessly capturing every kitesurfing leap remains unaltered, the WOO 4.0 has undergone a comprehensive transformation, both internally and externally, to meet the evolving demands of the sport.

By syncing your WOO with a smartwatch, you can elevate your experience with a dynamic display that showcases your kiteboarding statistics, including jump height immediately after landing. Let the adventure begin!

New Features in 4.0

  • Wireless Charging
  • Dual Core Processor
  • IP69K Waterproof Rating
  • 24+ Hours of Battery Life
  • Synchronous Watch App
  • Battery Health Protection

Key Improvements:

  • 8x Gyroscope Resolution
  • 7x Accelerometer Rate
  • 50% Faster Charging
  • 3x Faster BLE Connection
  • 4x Reduced Signal Noise
  • 16x More RAM
  • 4x Greater Flash Memory
  • 2x Clock Frequency
  • 30% Brighter LED

What’s Included:

  • WOO 4.0 Sensor
  • 4.0 Charger
  • Classic Mount
  • Extra Mounting Tape
  • Board Prep Pad
  • Quick Start Guide


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