Strapless Beginner lessons


Strapless Beginner lessons are now available to book!


Strapless Beginner lessons are now available at Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School.

Yes, you can progress further with us. Drop the twintip and start enjoying even more freedom with surfboard to become strapless rider.

Strapless riding is so much fun. Carving waves while dancing on the board is such a great feeling. Riding directional surfboard is another skill for kitesurfer to have. You can simply transform from twintip to surfboard, more you will then be able to ride in lighter wind. More skills more fun!

Its so much what you can learn in kitesurfing. Strapless beginner lesson is definitely one of those to give a try as soon as you can ride upwind on twintip.

What will you learn:

Board start techniques

Feet position while riding

Downwind rides

Upwind rides

We say minimum entry for strapless beginner lesson is to be independent kiteboarder.

Most of kitesurfing lessons take a place at Greatsone on Sea beach. The most kitesurfer friendly kitespot in the UK.

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