Reedin SuperModel V3 Kite Package

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The kite package you want to have!


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Original price was: £629.00.Current price is: £471.75.

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Reedin SuperModel V3 Kite package include:

Reedin SuperModel 

Feels like an extension of your body. That means you can
have the most fun on the water and just focus on your tricks.
It gives huge lift to jump super high and just go massive. If the swell
picks up you can grab a surf board and ride any kind of waves. Flat
water? go for an unhooked freestyle session or light wind foiling.


Reedin Dreamstick X V3

Our quest for perfection didn’t end with the design of DreamStick. Ongoing development lead us to design the new DreamStick X. DreamStick X features our all new Monobloc depower, built with double cavities for flagging line and depower rope providing the best auto-swivel solution possible. while still ensuring the freedom of movement to let you steer and depower at the same time.

Reedin Super E V3

Designed with all the exclusive shaping of the KevPro, but with a
different flex pattern and outline that is purposefully designed to
give the same unique characteristics for those that ride at
normal speeds. Reedin’s Super E V3  unique shape featuring a full
concave bottom with triple concave channels is specifically
designed to provide maximum grip in the tip area towards your
back foot while letting the water flow more freely in the center of
the board. Mounted with our super binding you will certainly
experience the most comfortable ride you’ve ever had.

Reedin KevPro V3

Ridden by Kevin for its forgiveness and amazing grip that sets you
up for bigger and better jumps while offering the smoothest and most
controlled landings. You’ll be amazed by how easy the board
rides through choppy water, letting you load some of the
biggest jumps of your life.




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