Reedin SuperE

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Reedin SuperE


The easiest, high performing board, with a playful response and loads of pop and grip.

Designed with all the exclusive shaping of the KevPro, but with a different flex pattern and outline. Is purposefully designed to give the same unique characteristics for those that ride at normal speeds. 

The unique Bottom shaping featuring a full concave bottom with triple concave channels. Specifically designed to provide maximum grip in the tip area towards your back foot while letting the water flow more freely in the center of the board for maximum speed.

The recess close to the rail makes it easier to grab and hold the board. Mounted with our super binding you will certainly experience the most comfortable ride you’ve ever had.

Reedin SuperE


  • Redesigned double swallow tips, allow for a full rail while reducing the surface area, so you can push the board further into the water, for more grip when loading-up for jumps.
  • Full concave bottom with triple concave channels for unmatched grip both in the tip area and between your feet.
  • Rail edging channels running along the bottom of the board, give lots of grip between your feet with little effort.

Years of Craftsman experience for the best quality board possible

The Reedin SuperE is available at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized REEDIN dealer.

Feel free to contact us for assistance in finding your perfect twintip. We’re also here to help and excited to guide you towards the ultimate ride!

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