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Our quest for perfection didn’t end with the design of DreamStick. Ongoing development lead us to design the new DreamStick X, creating what we believe is the best control system ever.
Intensively tested for over a year on multiple continents and weather patterns, the new Monobloc
depower proves to be extremely durable.


Monobloc Depower Built with double cavities – for flagging
line & depower rope – provides the best auto-swiveling
solution possible while ensuring the freedom of movement
to let you steer and depower at the same time. Also
provides seemless sliding of the flagging line. Intensively
tested for over a year on multiple continents and weather
patterns, the new Monobloc depower is extremely durable.

Foldable Lines Our unique design allows you to fold your
flying lines in order to reduced their length to half the size
12m, while still allowing your flagging line to stay fully
functional. This feature will allow you to choose your lines
length between 24m, 22m, 13, 12m and 11m.

Streamlined Y-stopper Micro weightless loop-to-loop
connection in your front line will prevent the front Y part to
slide too far up to ensure that you bar stays close to you
when releasing your chicken loop and hold the kite by the
flagging line.

Seatbelt Click-in Quick Release Simple Click-in with
minimal moving parts made of only proven and light parts
for a Quick Release that you can trust over time. Our system
is designed to be as light as possible thanks to the main
load going directly through the CNC core ensuring superior
load resistance.We believe that brilliant design is in the art
of making simple and functional parts. Our chicken loop is
the essence of this philosophy. Simpler means more reliable
for you.

Skinny Diameter Skinnier diameter bar means better
handling. You won’t ever want to ride a bigger diameter bar
again after you try it. Our grip is made with an offset finger
ergonomic shape that not only offers better control but will
also make you feel instantly if you grab you bar the wrong
way around by mistake.

Adjustable Bar Width The bar length adjustment system
allows you to quickly change your bar length from 43 to
49cm. it is purposefully designed to be as light as possible so
the the bar has minimal inertia when you spin it. When pulling
the adjuster out, you’ll also be able to access the leader line
trim knots to modify your back line length.

Cousin MEL Flying Lines MEL flying lines are carefully made
in France and plastified with our unique technique to create
virtually no stretch, so your kite will always stay perfectly
trimmed over time.The lines are mounted using our unique
stitches-less locked splices technique making them stronger
and easy to untangle.

Aviation Grade Aluminum Our bar is made out of the
highest grade aluminum available with the center piece
receiving a hard anodizing treatment for even greater

Adjustable to: 22m | 13m | 12m | 11m

  • 43cm |
  • 49cm

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