Take your kitesurfing to another level! Learn how to jump at Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School.


How to jump Lesson.  Learn how to airbone at Infinity Sport Kitesurfing.

Take your kiting to another level and add the exhilarating jumps to the experience.

Jumping is challenging aspect of kitesurfing and requires a lot of skills and practice. It is important to always follow proper safety procedures and only attempts jumps when conditions are right. First jumps should be learned under qualified supervision.

A kitesurfer can perform various types of jumps. From basic jump, powerful pop and boosting jump.

What’s included in the lesson:

Efficient pop techniques

Timing for pop and jump

Safe landing

There are many advanced tricks you can learn in kitesurfing, such as kiteloops, big air, unhooked tricks too. If you wish to progress in safe, fast and fun way check our other lessons and create your own learning path with Infinity Sport Kitesurfing.

We say once you can jump your next trick to learn is backroll!

  • Minimum entry for the lesson is independent and confident upwind ride.

Greatsone on Sea is the best learning spot in the UK, you can find out more below:

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