Eleveight RS V6 Progression Package

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Your choice of Eleveight RS V6 2023, Eleveight Process V5 and Eleveight Vary Bar V2

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Availability: 32 in stock


Eleveight RS V6 Progression Package include:


The Eleveight RS Version 6 is an all-round powerhouse, designed to ame any storm, boost massive air, and master any kite spot. The construction features a medium to high aspect ratio with a huge angle-of-attack. Dynamic speed, bags of hangtime and thrilling forward momentum make the RS kite truly stand out.

  • Precision three-strut delta-hybrid freeride kite with an ultra-direct feel
  • Versatile performance for all riding styles across a huge wind range
  • Ultra-stable construction efficient in any condition
  • Plug and play with massive hangtime as well as easy upwind travel
  • Precise and fast with smooth turning characteristics

Eleveight RS V6 bestselling kite is back!

Process is an advanced performance freeride board shaped with the latest high-tech materials. It provides grip in strong gusts, and cushions the most vicious chop, making all conditions the best fun.

Riding upwind is a natural feature of the board as we constructed a rocker line that allows the rider to start in a light breeze and reach optimum speed for takeoff.

Release the edge and the Process jumps exceptionally well making it a favourite for hangtime addicts. It’s both ultra-playful and dynamic to ride, yet progressing riders still find it easy to control.


Featuring a single front line safety system which is coupled to the most innovative quick release system on the market. Comfortable in hand and with plenty of grip.

Eleveight cs vary v2 bar uses German made thermo coated performance lines to ensure that direct feel. The depower set up is as simple as it is.

Featuring a strong inner core and a spliced Spectra coating that reduces friction and extends durability.

Save 10% when you purchase this Eleveight RS V6 package!


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