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Eleveight CS Vary Bar

Delivering optimum safety together with our highest performance features, the new Control Series Eleveight CS Vary Bar Plus is fine-tuned for the most precise control of all Eleveight kites.

With over 2 years of development, our completely redesigned Quick Matic system has a new style donkey stick and chicken loop for intuitive safety and control.

The red line swivel below the Quick Release will also untwist the red line for tangle-free usage.

The introduction of a new covered single depower line has also reduced friction to minimise wear. The depower line now features a strong double layer inner core made from spliced 100% Spectra. Red safety line is more tightly braided to further enhance durability.

New reinforced pigtails also ensure a stronger, more durable connection. For enhanced performance, we went with a low V, and the highest quality thermo-coated lines from Germany. They counteract stretch, ensuring excellent responsiveness and direct control.

The Eleveight CS Vary bar + features some of the most advanced and elaborate features in the industry while being extremely user-friendly.

In the process of taking this bar to the next level, we followed two key principles: “Safety by Simplicity” and “Performance by Design”.

Any rider instantly understands the layout and can naturally operate the system, even in high-stress situations.

The CS Vary Plus is the ultimate performance bar that’s simple, yet takes safety and control to new heights

Eleveight gear is built with innovative and quality workmanship.
Details are strategically designed for long lasting durability, while keeping the gear

light and agile.http://eleveightkites.com/e8-trusted-quality

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