Eleveight Process V8


Performance Freeride.

45mm G10 fins included.

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Eleveight Process V8 – Experience ultimate performance for limitless freeriding possibilities!


  • Carbon-reinforced medium flex for comfortable freeriding
  • Maximum grip for excellent upwind ability and carving performance
  • Smooth landings and control in any conditions
  • Sustainably sourced materials for a reduced ecological footprint
  • Equipped with 45mm G10 fins


Furthermore, boasting limitless freeriding possibilities, the Process stands as our top-selling freeride board, praised for its unique features and popularity. Crafted with cutting-edge materials, it ensures optimal performance across all conditions, making every ride enjoyable.

Superior carving and control

Featuring Plug-and-Play features, the Process offers exceptional grip in strong gusts, early planing in light winds, and smooth rides through choppy waters. Its Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS) enhances carving ability, improving upwind performance.

Medium flex for comfort

Additionally, with a Fly 3D Paulownia wood core reinforced with carbon stringers, the Process delivers a comfortable ride with smooth landings. The unique flex pattern is tailored for each size, ensuring knee comfort, while ABS rail material enhances impact resistance.

New for V8

The Eleveight Process V8 is more eco-friendly now. It uses plant materials like paulownia wood and eco-friendly resin called GreenPoxy. Also, its packaging doesn’t use any plastic, which is better for the environment.

Who is it for?
Perfect for riders looking to improve and have fun, the Process ensures a great ride in any location and weather. It suits both experienced kiteboarders and those aiming for impressive performances.

Process V8 Key Changes
• Sustainable sourced Paulownia wood core and plastic-free packaging
• Greenpoxy bio-based epoxy resin derived from plant origin
• Updated graphics

Improve your kitesurfing skills with the Process V8, now in stock at Infinity Sport, your authorized Eleveight Dealer!

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