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Eleveight Kites developed new precision HXS Hydrofoil Series to crossover riding styles for full freeride progression and performance. The larger-sized 1200-1950 wings in the range are dedicated to Wing Foiling where riders will benefit from the intuitive lift and stability they deliver.

Built for outstanding performance, the Carbon front and back wings offer maximum durability paired against the stainless hardware. The mast and fuselage feature an anodized aero-grade alloy construction giving an optimal ratio between strength and weight. All components benefit from Quick-Connect-Technology that will get you to the water faster, and a handy travel bag comes included for maximum protection between sessions.

Choose your wing size, connect and glide, whatever your foiling style.

Dedicated Wing Foilers will love the early lift and glide as well as the stable performance from our larger wing range.


  • Dedicated Hydrofoil range for Wing Foiling
  • Carbon front and back wings for outstanding performance
  • Early Lift, easy glide and incredible stability
  • 75 cm mast for the maximum carving ability
  • Quick-Connect-Technology and includes a travel bag

Eleveight gear is built with innovative and quality workmanship.
Details are strategically designed for long lasting durability, while keeping the gear
light and agile.


Eleveight Size Chart foil

Eleveight HXS Construction

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1200, 1400, 1650, 1950


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