CORE Union Pro 4


Split strap design for incredible customization capabilities.

Fits the CORE Fusion 6, Choice 5 & Bolt 4 boards.

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Introducing the CORE Union Pro 4 – Say hello to the Union Pro pads & straps, now equipped with an enhanced, highly visible strap.

The split strap design and its incredible customization capabilities:

  • Independent adjustability for your forefoot and midfoot. Each half of the split strap is individually micro-adjustable with its own set of Velcros.
  • With 11 different angle adjustments for your feet, you can lock in your preferred stance and fine-tune the distance of your pad from the board edge.
  • Additionally, the strap boasts 2cm of fore and aft pad adjustability to accommodate all foot sizes.

Yes, we know, that’s an astonishing level of customization but the goal is simple: ensuring it fits everyone perfectly.

The Union Pro also incorporates subtle enhancements in materials and design. We’ve upgraded the footbed densities to prevent foot slippage and enhance overall comfort. The strategically positioned pad ridges encourage your feet to stay put. Do we believe these pads & straps are the easiest to adjust and the best fitting? Absolutely.


  • Enhanced, highly visible strap
  • Split strap design for incredible customization capabilities
  • Independent adjustability for forefoot and midfoot
  • 11 different angle adjustments
  • 2cm of fore and aft pad adjustability
  • Upgraded footbed densities for enhanced comfort
  • Strategically positioned pad ridges for better foot grip

Experience unparalleled comfort during your kitesurfing session and upgrade your Fusion 6, Choice 5, as well as your Bolt 4 board with the CORE Union Pro 4 – Pads & Straps.

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing is authorized UK dealer for Core Kiteboarding.

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