CORE Fusion 6


Performance Freeride +, Freestyle & Big Air

CORE’s best selling Twintip with reduced ecological footprint

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Introducing the CORE Fusion 6: Elevating Performance with a Reduced Carbon Footprint


Experience unrivaled performance with the CORE Fusion 6, now featuring the groundbreaking Cartan 2 carbon fiber weave. Designed to master every challenge, this versatile twintip combines innovative materials and technology in a sophisticated shape with a highly differentiated underwater hull, making it ideal for riders of all skill levels and excelling across all disciplines.

Building upon the legacy of the legendary CARVED Imperator, the Fusion 6 introduces the lighter, more powerful, and sustainable Cartan 2 Carbon. By reducing layer thickness and lying flat on the wood core, this carbon minimizes resin usage while enhancing stiffness and strength, resulting in superior performance with higher and faster restoring forces.

As part of CORE’s commitment to sustainability, The GreenPoxy has been integrated, an epoxy resin with 35% of its molecular structure derived from plants, reducing the ecological footprint without compromising function or performance. Additionally, the transition to Cartan 2 has significantly reduced cutting waste by up to 80%.

CORE Fusion 6 – Key Features:

  • NEW! CARTAN® 2 CARBON: Thinner, stronger carbon fiber fabric with 80% less cutting waste
  • UNIBODY EDGE: Ensures the best connection of deck and hull for enhanced performance.
  • NEW! PAULOWNIA LIGHT: Even lighter wood core with the same strength for improved agility.
  • NEW! GREENPOXY: 35% epoxy resin of plant origin for sustainability without compromise.
  • MULTI CHANNELS: Provides grip and control in all riding situations.
  • KATANA CHANNELS: Delivers stiffer tips for increased response and restoring force.
  • V-SHAPED KEEL: Enables early gliding and buttery soft landings.
  • BEVELED DECK: Minimizes reverse flex and improves planning for smoother rides.
  • VEE ROCKER: Ensures speed without the risk of diving for confidence on the water.
  • TUCKED UNDER RAILS: Offers more grip and effective gain in height.
  • NEW! EQ FIN SET (48MM): Provides equal grip and enhanced agility for precision control.

Available Sizes:

  • 133×39
  • 135×40
  • 137×41
  • 139×41.5
  • 141×42
  • 144×43
  • LW 154×46
  • LW 159×47


Including Standard Grab handle, EQ Fins (48mm) with V4A fin screws

Pads & Straps are NOT INCLUDED but are also accessible in our online store.

The Fusion 6 is exclusively designed for straps! Installing boots on it will void all warranty claims.


Please explore the meticulously crafted CORE Union Comfort 2 & Union Pro 4 – Pads & Straps, along with the REVO Grab Handle.

Elevate your kiteboarding experience and conquer every challenge with the CORE Fusion 6. Try it now and take your skills to the next level.

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing is authorized UK dealer for Core Kiteboarding.


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133×39, 135×40, 137×41, 139×41.5, 141×42, 144×43, LW 154×46, LW 159×47



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