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Introducing the CORE 720 III: Perfecting Freestyle Strapless Kitesurfing.


The CORE 720 III takes freestyle surfing to new heights with significant enhancements in weight and shape details. Through meticulous adjustments, we’ve crafted a thinner and lighter board with a decisively flat deck, making it one of the most advanced freestyle surfboards on the market.

Sizes (Width | Thickness | Volume):

4’11’’: 17 3/4’’ | 1 3/4’’ | 17 L / 50-75 kg
5’1’’: 18 3/16’’ | 1 7/8’’ | 19 L / 65-90 kg
5’3’’: 18 3/8’’ | 2’’ | 21.3 L / >80 kg


  • Top Deck from T10 PET Sandwich: Handles heavy landings with dent-resistant properties
  • EPS Composite Sandwich: Lightweight core material with excellent damping and ding resistance
  • Carbon Tail Patch: Provides rail pressure stability and protects against deck dents
  • Channeled Quad Concave Hull: Enhances directional control and comfort
  • Level One Verified Ecoboard: Sustainable materials for a greener planet
  • Ultracompact Shape: Short length reduces swing weight and improves rotations
  • Flat Rocker: Boosts speed in marginal conditions
  • Thruster Fin Setup: Balances control and agility
  • Original FCS II System: Industry-standard fin system


The 720 comes equipped with a rear traction pad, leash plug, and FCS II fin boxes. (Note: Strap inserts not included)

Accessories: NOT included!

Original FCS II Fins:
Choose from a selection of four recommended FCS II thruster fin sets, each offering unique designs and performance features to enhance your surfing experience.

Front Traction Pads:
Enhance your riding experience when going strapless with our front traction pad, providing extra grip and comfort.

Surf Leash 6’0’’:
Featuring our signature CORE yellow color for high visibility, the CORE surf leash ensures your board stays securely attached, even in challenging conditions. Crafted from premium TPU material, it offers exceptional durability while minimizing resistance.

Single Boardbags:
Protect your prized possessions during transport with the CORE premium single boardbags. Designed to withstand the rigors of travel, these heavy-duty bags come in various sizes to accommodate your board, ensuring long-lasting protection against dings and damage.

Please visit our shop to explore and purchase these accessories separately to complement your surfing setup.

Experience the pinnacle of freestyle surfing performance with the CORE 720 III.

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing is authorized UK dealer for Core Kiteboarding.

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4'11", 5'1", 5'3"



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