Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland

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Silvaplana is considered the surfing Mecca of Switzerland. Here you kiteboard on a deep blue mountain lake, in front of an impressive mountain scenery with snow-covered peaks and surrounded by pristine nature.

The lake is 3.4 km long and 1.4 km wide with only one designated entry point, but you are allowed to kite around the whole lake (50m from land). The lake is located in a narrow valley, so thermal winds and an additional venturi create the “Maloja wind” . The wind usually starts to be kite-able (Twintip) at around 1pm. From July and August, the wind kicks in around 11 am giving us some more time on the water. Generally, the wind starts slowly and pick up during the day. Peaking from 3 – 5pm with about 20-25 knots before it drops around 6-7pm.

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