Are Harlem Kites Good?

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Welcome to Harlem Kitesurfing, where innovation meets sustainability, and your kitesurfing journey reaches new heights. Explore our diverse range of models, embraced by the world one of the best rider, Lorenzo Casati, who takes this sport to another level.


Harlem Kitesurfing

Harlem Kitesurfing stands as the strong brand in the industry, setting new standards with ground breaking techniques like Proweld and Digital Printing. Huge range of different model’s allowed you to choose the best kite for your riding style from beginner steps through wave riding and Big Air jumps. The Force kite’s unmatched lightweight strength, commitment to sustainability, and revolutionary. Eco Print Revolution make Harlem the pinnacle of kitesurfing innovation – a brand that redefines excellence on every ride.

Are Harlem Kites Good?
Harlem Kites

FORCE: Unleash the Power Within

Discover kite innovation with Harlem’s groundbreaking techniques: PROWELD and Digital Printing. The Force, with PROWELD, ditches traditional stitching for welded strength, making this five struts Kite incredibly light, fast and sturdy. Our kites redefine the game 20% lighter and 30% more torsional stiffness. Digital Printing ensures a sleek design without added weight. The result? An unmatched kitesurfing experience, feeling like levelling up tenfold. Try The Force – it’s control, accuracy, and excitement like never before. Judge it for yourself.

Custom FORCE: Elevate your kitesurfing with full customization options tailored to your individual style.

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Harlem Force Kite
Harlem Force 2nd place on King Of The Air 2023

Introducing Harlem Go Series: Master the Skies with Style

Harlem Go v6: Built with exclusive G.O.A.T. tech material for unparalleled performance. Dominate the skies with an advanced 6-point direct bridle system and eye-catching design.

Harlem Go Kites
Harlem Go

LIGHT Series: Lightweight, Responsive, Fun

Harlem Light v3: The ultimate choice for speed and fun on light-wind days. Experience lightweight and responsive design crafted with trusted fusion struts for lasting performance.

Harlem Light V3 Kite

STRIKE Series: Power and Finesse in Every Glide

Harlem Strike: Your passport to big air mastery, engineered with precision and innovation. Experience strength without compromise through a stiff diagonal line, feather-light frame, and 6-point direct bridles.

Harlem Strike Kite
Harlem Strike

WAVE Series: Drift and Turn with Ease

Harlem Wave v3: Perfect for waveriding and kitefoiling, featuring an ultra-light one-strut design for excellent drift and easy turning. Versatile enough to serve you in both disciplines, all packed in an eco-friendly backpack.

Harlem Wave V3 Kite
Harlem Wave

ACE Series: Unleash the Potential on Any Day

Harlem Ace: Designed for unpredictable wind days, combining strutless agility with versatility. Ideal for fast-turning lightwind sessions, capturing envy-worthy kitesurfing adventures.

Harlem Ace Kite
Harlem Ace

PRO Series: Go Pro and Push Your Limits

Harlem Pro V2: A 3-strut open C High-Performance Freestyle kite for intermediate and advanced riders. Experience powerful kite loops, explosive lift, and freedom for unhooked tricks. Lorenzo Casati-approved, pushing limits and going pro with Harlem Pro.

Harlem Pro
Harlem Pro

Customization, Sustainability, and Exclusive Benefits: A Harlem Promise

Digital Printing: Customize your kite with a style as unique as you are.

Sustainability: Paving the way for a greener future with recycled materials and solar-powered precision.

180+ Extended Warranty Program: Register your Harlem gear for an extended warranty and ride with confidence.

Join Harlem Kitesurfing on the journey of redefining kitesurfing standards – where every model, endorsed by Lorenzo Casati, brings a unique flavour to your soaring experience.

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