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Harlem Force Kite: Elevating Kitesurfing to Unprecedented Heights

Meet the Harlem Force kite , Harlem’s latest in the ‘Game Changer Lineup.’ It’s not just a new five strut Big Air/Freeride kite; it’s a whole new way to make inflatable kites. Created at the Brainchild facility in Europe, The Force taps into special technologies and materials for top-notch performance, cool looks, eco-friendliness, and extra security benefits!. At the heart of its brilliance are two game-changing techniques: PROWELD and Digital Printing, setting it apart as an unparalleled performer in the world of kitesurfing.

Harlem Force
Harlem Kites

PROWELD Technology: Unmatched Strength and Lightweight Precision

Revolutionizing traditional construction methods, Harlem’s Force kite pioneers the use of PROWELD technology. Unlike other kites sewn and stitched together, PROWELD involves welding, eliminating weaknesses caused by holes and reducing the need for additional, heavier materials. This not only fortifies the kite but also enhances its stiffness, allowing riders to master the wind with unparalleled precision – a feat aptly named “The Force.”

The inflatable frame, crafted through welding rather than stitching, achieves a remarkable 20% reduction in weight and a 30% increase in torsional stiffness compared to kites using conventional techniques. This engineering marvel translates into rapid steering impulses, early flight, and reduced wind drag, providing an enthralling kitesurfing experience that propels riders to new heights of excitement and performance.

Harlem Force
Proweld Technology

Digital Printing: A Personalized Touch to Unleash Style and Control

In the realm of aesthetics, Harlem Kitesurfing shatters conventions with its Digital Printing technology. Departing from the weight-adding screen printing common in the industry, Digital Printing opens up a realm of design possibilities. This not only creates the lightest kites possible but also grants riders top-notch control. With Digital Printing, riders can customize their kites with unique styles, ensuring a personal touch to their kitesurfing adventures.

Eco Print Revolution: Sustainable Choices Redefining the Kitesurfing Landscape

Harlem Kitesurfing extends its commitment to sustainability with the Eco Print Revolution. Unlike traditional methods involving wasteful water consumption, Harlem’s digital EcoPrinting technique streamlines the process, eliminating unnecessary bleach and dye. This not only reduces environmental impact but also adds to the raw, rugged beauty of the product. The one-color base streamlines stock management, championing eco-friendliness and demonstrating that sustainability and simplicity can coexist.

Harlem Force
Digital Print

A New Dawn of Materials: Crafting a Greener Future

Harlem Kitesurfing is dedicated to shaping a brighter, greener future by incorporating 100% recycled materials. From robust yarn to durable webbing, Harlem’s commitment extends to every component. Soon, even plastic parts will bear the eco-conscious stamp, making every ride a conscious connection to the planet.

In essence, the Harlem Force kite is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence, sustainability, and personalization. With its groundbreaking technologies, it elevates the kitesurfing experience to unprecedented heights, making every ride an adventure marked by strength, style, and environmental consciousness. Harlem Force stands as a symbol of innovation, setting the standard for kitesurfing enthusiasts seeking the best in performance and design.

Harlem Force
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