Mobyk SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit


Transforms your iSUP paddle into a double kayak with ease.

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Introducing the innovative Mobyk SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit, a game-changer for water enthusiasts!

Elevate your stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) experience with this versatile kit, which includes:

  1. a comfortable kayak seat.
  2. a high-quality fiberglass blade.

Transform your inflatable SUP paddle into a double kayak paddle effortlessly. It will add a new dimension to your aquatic adventures.

Crafted for convenience and performance, this conversion kit is designed to seamlessly integrate with your iSUP. Furthermore, it offers enhanced versatility and functionality.

Whether you’re craving the tranquility of solo paddling or the camaraderie of tandem kayaking, this kit enables you to adapt to your preferred water activity with ease.

Elevate your iSUP paddle experience by ordering the Mobyk SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit from Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized dealer for Mobyk products.


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