Reedin SpaceAgency Twintip Board 2024


Ultralight twintip with a snappy and lively response that only a carbon board can give.

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Reedin SpaceAgency Twintip Board

Crafted with Space Exploration Technology without compromise, our triple carbon construction utilizes three distinct carbon fiber types to achieve an impeccably balanced flex pattern.

The core is meticulously streamlined, shedding superfluous weight while maintaining a carbon build that ensures an exhilarating, responsive ride.

SPACEAGENCY caters to enthusiasts seeking the utmost in lightweight design, offering unparalleled precision, grip, and responsiveness.

Engineered to excel in any environment. It promises peak performance for both seasoned professionals and ambitious novices alike, providing an electrifying pathway to skill advancement.

Reedin SpaceAgency Twintip Board


  1. TRIPLE CARBON CONSTRUCTION: Incorporates three varieties of carbon fiber to achieve an optimal flex pattern. Ensuring the board offers the desired stiffness and durability.
  2. TORSION CONTROL FRAME: Utilizes strategically placed stringers to effectively manage the board’s torsion. Resulting in unparalleled comfort and performance during rides.
  3. CORED OUT CORE: Through meticulous analysis, a robust frame is created while eliminating excess weight from the board.
  4. PROGRESSIVE FLEX: The profile is tapered to deliver consistent flex characteristics across its entirety.
  5. DOUBLE TO QUAD CONCAVE: Features a unique bottom contour designed to optimize water flow through the middle of the board while providing exceptional grip in the tip area.
  6. RAIL EDGING CHANNELS: Channels running along the board’s edge, strategically focused beneath each heel to enhance grip effortlessly.
  7. SPACE EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY: Constructed using carbon fiber built to aerospace standards, ensuring high performance and durability.
  8. GREENPOXY: Utilizes an eco-friendly epoxy resin with 35% of its molecular structure derived from plants, reducing environmental impact.
  9. PAULOWNIA WOOD CORE: Incorporates a lightweight, robust, responsive, and sustainable wood core made from Paulownia wood.

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135×40, 138×41, 141×42


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