Reedin KevPro Board 2024


KEVPRO is for riders that like to ride fast and want a responsive, forgiving and grippy board.

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Reedin KevPro Board 2024

This passage appears to be describing a specific board, likely for kiteboarding or wakeboarding, emphasizing its forgiveness, grip, smooth landings, and ability to handle choppy water well. It suggests that riding this board, presumably named “Kevin,” can enhance the rider’s performance, allowing them to execute bigger jumps with more control and ease. Overall, it’s highlighting the board’s features that contribute to an improved riding experience, particularly for executing jumps.

Reedin KevPro Board 2024

  1. Paulownia Wood Core: This core material is described as light, strong, responsive, and sustainable.
  2. Double Carbon Sandwich Stringer: Provides twist control, stiffness, and quick flex response to enhance performance.
  3. Carbon Torsion Control: Ensures perfect torsion of the board for optimal handling and comfort during rides.
  4. Triax and Biax Fiber Weave: A mix of fiber types aimed at maximizing board response, likely contributing to its strength and durability.
  5. Progressive Flex: The profile of the board is designed to offer a gradual flex distribution throughout its length, enhancing control and performance.
  6. 3D Shaping: Features a full concave bottom with triple concave channels and rail edging channels to provide exceptional grip in various conditions.
  7. Rail Edging Channels: Specifically designed channels for unmatched grip between the rider’s feet, enhancing stability and control.
  8. Double Swallow Tips: These tips allow for a full rail while reducing surface area. Enabling the rider to push the board deeper into the water when loading up for jumps.
  9. Greenpoxy: An eco-friendly epoxy resin, with a significant portion of its molecular structure derived from plants, contributing to sustainability efforts.
  10. Made in Poland: Produced with years of craftsmanship experience, ensuring high-quality construction and performance standards.

Reedin KevPro Board 2024

| Unmatched grip
| Powerful pop for big jumps
| Fast response
| Forgiving
| Maximum comfort
| Easy grab rails

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