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The Moloko 12’6″ Tempo is an exceptional touring SUP that provides a large amount of glide whilst offering plenty of stability with its 32″ width: perfect for long-distance and exploration.

Brand new for 2021, The Moloko 12’6″ Tempo features a tapered nose and extended waterline which are partly responsible for the Tempo’s exceptional glide and tracking, providing a streamlined shape that allows efficient and smooth forwards motion.

Pumping up to 18-20 PSI, this board offers outstanding performance and rigidity and is perfect for any type of paddler thanks to its large volume and stable platform.

Features such as multiple carry handles, an adjustable bungee net to secure a variety of items as well as an overall clean and modern aesthetic. The Moloko 12’6″ Tempo looks as good as it paddles. In addition to that, the feature of a foldable US fin box enables you to pack the board up more comfortably.

With the very generous Moloko Echo iSUP Board Bag, the 12’6″ Tempo can fit into the board bag with ease and will still also provide a cosy additional space to carry spare clothing. Carrying this bag with all the kit in is also very easy.

With the feature of both a backpack system and wheels on the bag, it offers you the option to decide how you’d like to carry your kit down to your local waters and get out with ease.

The Moloko Echo iSUP Board Bag is also extremely robust; made from recycled plastic bottles, the board bag is as hard wearing as it is good for the planet.

The Moloko 12’6″ Tempo also includes the excellent Moloko Hybrid 3 Piece Paddle. This Hybrid Paddle is well matched to the Alto not only in looks but also in performance as it is relatively light (905g) with a paddle blade that is stiffer and designed to reduce flutter by offering a more secure catch when paddling.

If you are looking for a touring iSUP that will excel in performance and glide that does it all that belies its price point, then the Moloko 12’6″ Tempo inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard package is an excellent choice.

Moloko 12’6″ Tempo – Package Includes:

  • Moloko Echo iSUP Wheeled Back Pack Board Bag – made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Hybrid 3 Piece Paddle
  • Dual Action Pump
  • Coiled Leash
  • Water Resistant Phone Case
  • 3 Year Warranty on all Moloko inflatable paddleboards

Moloko 12’6″ Tempo – Measures:

 Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Rider Weight
12’6″ / 384 cm 32″ / 81 cm 6″ / 15 cm 339 L 21.6 lbs / 9.8 kg 275.5 lbs / 125 kg

Moloko 12’6″ Tempo Package when Packed with the Dual Action Pump & Hybrid 3 Piece Paddle – Measures:

 Tall Width Depth Weight
35.4″ / 90 cm 19.7″ / 50 cm 13.8″ / 35 cm 32.4 lbs / 14.7 kg


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