Lieuwe Pro Pads


For enhanced comfort and shock absorption.

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Introducing the Lieuwe Pro Pads for high comfort and performance riding your twin-tip.

These pads boast a range of features designed to elevate your kiteboarding experience:

  • Increased damping within the pad for enhanced comfort and shock absorption.
  • Added grip provided by the toe ridge and heel curving, ensuring optimal control and stability.
  • Anti-slippery base layer to keep your feet securely in place during every maneuver.
  • Extra strong screw connector for durability and reliability.
  • Multi-adjustable pad positioning and strap for accommodating all types of foot shapes, providing a customized fit for maximum comfort and control.

To ensure optimal performance of your Lieuwe Pro Pads, remember to periodically tighten your screws to prevent them from coming loose during use.

When choosing the right size, refer to the following recommended sizing range:

  • UK: Junior 1-5/Small 4-7/Universal 6.5>
  • EU: Junior 33-37/Small 37-41/Universal 41>
  • US: Junior 2.5-5.5/Small 6-9/Universal 8>
  • CM: Junior 21-23.5/Small 23-25.5/Universal 25.5>

Embark on an incredible ride with Lieuwe Pro Pads!

Available now at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized Lieuwe Boards dealer!

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