Lieuwe 30mm Fins


For Wakestyle enthusiasts. For smoother slides across the water.

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Lieuwe 30mm Fins

Your setup can be significantly enhanced by the right choice of fins, tailored to match your riding preferences:

  • 30MM Fins – Ideal for executing wakestyle tricks, these fins facilitate smoother slides across the water, providing ample space to recover from less-than-perfect landings and master more tricks. However, it offers reduced grip when not edging during riding. If you’re eager to push your limits without facing unnecessary challenges, opting for a smaller fin size can be your greatest ally when refining your landing techniques.
  • 45MM Fins – Achieve the ultimate grip for your ideal ride. Enhance upwind performance and minimize the requirement for intense edging. Ensure to equip your board with the 45mm fins when aiming for those epic BIG AIR MEGALOOPS!

Lieuwe 30MM fins for Twintip are available now at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized Lieuwe Boards dealer!

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