ION Seek Select 3/2 Front Zip 2023


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ION Seek Select 3/2

Great for any type of watersports.

When it comes to kitesurfing, having a comfortable wetsuit is of utmost importance. Kitesurfing requires a lot of physical activity, and wearing an ill-fitting or uncomfortable wetsuit can significantly impact your performance and enjoyment. A comfortable wetsuit allows you to move freely, without restrictions, which is essential for kitesurfing, as it requires a lot of arm and leg movements. Additionally, a well-fitting wetsuit provides insulation, keeping you warm in cold water conditions. This is especially important in areas where water temperatures are low, as prolonged exposure can lead to hypothermia.

Moreover, a comfortable wetsuit is also essential for safety reasons. If your wetsuit is too loose or too tight, it can affect your buoyancy, making it difficult to stay afloat or dive when needed. A comfortable wetsuit ensures that you can stay afloat and maneuver your body safely in the water.

In summary, a comfortable wetsuit is crucial for a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable kitesurfing experience. It allows for unrestricted movement, provides insulation, and ensures proper buoyancy, all of which are vital for kitesurfing.

Premium materials for superior warmth and epic stretch

ION Seek Select 3/2

80% Neoprene 20% Nylon


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