ION Amaze Select 6/5 Back Zip 2023


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The ION Amaze Select 6/5 Back Zip Wetsuit combines high-tech materials for ultimate warmth and stretch.

ION’s premium wetsuit line features Graphene Lining – an incredible heat conductor that makes sure you stay warm on the water.

Only high-quality materials were used to make the Seek Select the most progressive wetsuit without compromises.

A minimalistic panel design allows for limitless freedom of movement while sealed seams prolong the lifetime.

Made to explore the toughest conditions, ION added Graphene_Plush throughout the torso and legs. Hot_Stuff 2.0 lining provides additional warmth at the arms and shoulders.

To increase flexibility and comfort in this crucial area. ION uses a new rhombus-shaped outside lining that stretches easily, thanks to its unique structure.
Amaze Select Backzip models feature additional protection pads at the shins.

ION Amaze Select 6/5 Back Zip Wetsuits

  • 80% Neoprene
  • 20% Nylon


When it comes to enjoying water-based activities, a top-notch wetsuit is an indispensable companion. Not only does it provide excellent thermal insulation, but it also shields you against cuts and scrapes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

In addition to its thermal benefits, our wetsuits act as a reliable protective layer against sharp objects, giving you peace of mind during aquatic adventures.

Whether you love swimming, diving, or surfing, our high-quality wetsuits are tailored to meet the needs of every water enthusiast. Embrace the comfort, safety, and performance of our wetsuits and take your aquatic experiences to the next level!

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