HQ4 Fluxx 1.3 R2F

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HQ4 Fluxx 1.3 R2F

Product Description

The Fluxx is the perfect entry level Trainer kite. Trainer kites are designed to prepare you for the challenges of flying larger wings.

Trainer kites aid in the safe progression for kitesurfing beginners and quick development of your flying skills. If you are looking for fun and controllable power then the HQ4 Fluxx is the right choice.

Look no further than the HQ Fluxx 1.3 R2F !

The Fluxx has been designed for ease of use at an affordable price point this. Trainer kite provides smooth and precise flying characteristics. The wing shape and bridle allowing easy relaunch after a crash perfect entry into the world of power kiting.

Great quality at an affordable price stable flying characteristics. Durable construction easy to re-launch flying lines attached to kite so you’re ready to go 45cm control bar included kite bag included instruction manual included

Set Contains:

Kite lines control bar instructions

Additional information

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