Learn How to Frontroll to stand out on water.


How to frontroll. Learn this epic trick and show off on water.

At Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School we are ready to take you for the frontroll lesson once you become strong in jumps for intermediate riders.

Jump in the air, rotate 360 and land in style. Why should you learn that?

For several reasons:

First of all frontrolls are a stylish and eye – catching trick that can make you stand out on water and impress your friends and fellow kitesurfers. Doing the same trick over and over can get boring. Adding a frontroll to your repertoire will add variety to your sessions and keep things fresh and exciting.

Are you ready to book How to frontroll lesson? Here is what you will learn:

Kite positioning and theory.

Rotation stimulations

Rotation practice

And if needed pop efficiency.

Trick lessons are delivered in one to one ration to provide fast progression with maximum performance. Once you master the rotations you are ready to move up progression ladder. Take a look at the list of tricks you can pick up at our school.

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School will teach you how to frontroll at Greatsone on Sea beach. The location provides rider friendly conditions to boost your learning process.



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