How to backroll. Learn this new trick to enrich your kitesurfing trickionary.

Learning backroll in kitesurfing is desirable goal for several reasons:

It can be challenging trick that require good kite control and coordination.

Mastering the trick can be a source of pride and accomplishment for kitesurfer.

Backroll adds variety and excitement to kitesurfing sessions. Not mentioning the style and flair!

New tricks boost confidence and self esteem, definitely helps you feel more confident on water.

Ready to learn the backroll? See below what will you learn:

How to pop.

Kite position.

Rotation techniques.

Advanced lessons are delivered on one to one basis to provide fast progression.

Minimum entry for the backroll lesson is independent and confident upwind ride.

Hungry for more kitesurfing adventures? No problem, we have this covered. Head over to our kitesurfing lesson to choose your next exciting trick.

Majority of our lessons are based in Greatstone on Sea beach, which is named as the safest place to learn kitesurfing in the UK!




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