Foil Set Aero Lift SLS


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Foil Set Aero Lift SLS

Wing // Beginner: 75/76-2400/300

Front wing 2400

Stabilizer 300

Fuselage 76

Mast 75


For every novice in the world of wing foiling, we present our highly recommended Aero Lift foil set 2400 set. Unmatched stability and unparalleled user friendliness define this set, making it the ideal choice for swift skill advancement.

Tailored for riders ranging from 60kg to the heaviest learners, this ensemble features the budget-friendly yet sturdy Aero AL mast and fuselage, ensuring an exceptional performance. Importantly, the set is designed to facilitate a seamless transition to a smaller wing as your skills advance, making it future-proof and adaptable to your growing expertise.

  • Set 2400

Purpose built to make learning to foil as easy as possible. The Lift 2400 is a school favourite for obvious reasons. But don’t expect to put this wing aside after your first attempts. It’s an extremely fun wing to ride even well into the intermediate level.

Foil Set Aero Lift SLS

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