Eleveight RS+ V2


Take your skills to the next level with new Eleveight RS+ available only at Infinity Sport Kitesurfing 

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Eleveight RS+ V2

The new RS+ is our ultra light top performance kite, packed with the most innovative technology for those that seek the ultimate freeride experience.


  • Precision high tech kite with an ultra direct feel
  • Superior and more durable with light weight Dynea Tex fabric
  • Easy handling with powerful lift and massive hang time
  • Ultra-stable light construction even in low wind
  • Stiff frame for the optimum response

Explore the RS+ V2, a high performance kite embodying the precision of a top racing car. Dynea Tex material, the RS+ V2 delivers an unmatched premium freeride experience, taking your adventure to new heights.

Version 2 ensures balanced force distribution, minimal bar pressure, and direct feedbacks and stable low end.  The RS+ V2 guarantees an predictable flight.

Thanks to Dynea Tex fabric, the Eleveight RS+ V2 boasts unparalleled strength, offering 32 times more tear and tensile resilience than regular Dacron. 30% less weight than traditional materials is ideal balance between responsiveness, lightweight design, and enduring performance.

Moreover, the XT Light material in the struts reduces weight without structural integrity, allowing controlled twists for optimal maneuverability. Experience higher responsiveness, precise flying, and minimal deformation.

Elevate your sessions to VIP status with the RS+


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