Eleveight Ignition V4


Designed for light wind and Progression Freeride

Comes with 45mm G10 fins

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Introducing the Eleveight Ignition V4, progressive freeride twintip that elevates your kiteboarding experience. Designed for optimal performance in light winds, this board is equipped with innovative features to enhance your ride. The Ignition is your ticket to thrilling kiteboarding adventures, offering style and comfort as you progress in the sport.


  • Progressive freeride design excels in light wind conditions
  • Innovative PRS technology provides superior grip and upwind ability
  • Durable carbon-reinforced core ensures longevity and excellent flex
  • Early planing capability for light wind enjoyment and support for heavier riders
  • Comes with 45mm G10 fins for added control
  • Board size 150 x 46

DESIGN Vision:

Experience smooth and exhilarating rides with the Ignition, a durable freeride twintip that’s designed to make kiteboarding irresistible. Our advanced Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS) technology enhances grip and upwind performance, while the carbon-reinforced core ensures optimal flex for control in choppy waters. With a sleek profile that reduces drag and increases speed, the Ignition delivers an efficient ride for kiteboarders of all levels.

New for V4:

The Eleveight Ignition V4 brings exciting upgrades for an improved ride. Redesigned top shape, channels, and added tail bevels enhance grip and control. Thinner rails and a lighter core offer increased flexibility and maneuverability. Sustainable materials like paulownia wood and GreenPoxy resin ensure durability while reducing environmental impact.

Who is it for?

Ideal for kiteboarders seeking comfort, confidence, and style, the Ignition offers a smooth and efficient ride that benefits riders of all weights. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Ignition will elevate your kiteboarding experience to new heights.

Ignition V4 Key Changes:

  • New 3D top mould for enhanced performance
  • Revised channel layout and depth for improved grip and control
  • Rounded square tail outline with bevels for smoother transitions
  • Thinner core for increased flex and maneuverability
  • Sustainable sourced paulownia wood core and plastic-free packaging for reduced environmental footprint
  • Greenpoxy bio-based epoxy resin for greater sustainability
  • Updated graphics for a fresh look

The Eleveight Ignition V4 is now available at Infinity Sport your authorized Eleveight Dealer!

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