Duotone Unit D/Lab Wing


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 Duotone Unit D/Lab Wing


Experience the cutting-edge Unit D/LAB wing, the epitome of high-performance design. Meticulously crafted with advanced materials, it offers an unparalleled riding adventure.

The Aluula material in the leading edge and strut makes the D/LAB wing incredibly light and responsive. . With an extended carbon front handle for effortless one handed riding and a strategically angled strut for superior comfort, the D/LAB offers exceptional stability and control.

Whether surfing, performing aerial stunts, or seeking powerful performance, the Duotone Unit D/LAB wing is the ultimate choice for elevated riding.

  • PERFORMANCE Lightest weight, fastest response and highest performance
  • IMPROVED HANDLES Higher riding comfort through improved handle angles and positions
  • RIDING OPTIONS One-handed riding option
  • POWER DISTRIBUTION Consistent power distribution through gusts and lulls
  • DRIFT STABILITY Duotone Unit D/Lab Wing improved drift stability for effortless surfing
  • MOD3 CANOPY ENHANCEMENTS – Solid feel and power when pumping- Better draft stability so rider doesn’t have to move hands in a gust- Better top end control and depower Higher durability
  • MATERIAL Aluula frame and strut
  • REDUCED DRAG Smaller leading edge diameter for reduced drag
  • FRONT HANDLE Extended carbon front handle

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